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Our PCSO, Tony Fletcher, has informed the association to warn that there have been a spate of burglaries in the park in the last few weeks. Bradford Road, Chatsworth Road and Westminster Road have been targeted so far, some of the burglaries taking place during the day.

Please be vigilant. The Police have increased the number of patrols in the Park.



SOSCA FUN DAY (5/09/2007)

SOSCA has rearranged its Fun Day for Sunday 9th September 2007

Unfortunately neither their website nor their poster says where the event is but it must be assumed it is somewhere on the former Swinton Sewage works site. Go and have a look on Sunday.



OPEN MEETING (24/03/2007)

An open meeting of the Ellesmere Park Residents’ Association is to be held at the Monton Sports Club at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, 25th April 2007 (doors open 7.15 pm). All local residents, including members and prospective members, are invited to attend.


Prohibition of driving on Stafford Road (02/04/2007)

A temporary Prohibition of Driving order will be in effect from Monday 19 February 2007 for a period of 6 months on the following section of highway: Stafford Road, Eccles, from its junction with Monton Road to its junction with Ellesmere Road, Eccles. The order is required to enable replacement of the public sewer. Diversions will be diverted via Monton Road - Cavendish Road - Ellesmere Road.

UPDATE - The works on Stafford Road are scheduled to take place late April. United Utilities now have finalised their design for Stafford Road,and it will mean that the length of excavation required is not as significant as first envisaged. The area that will be directly affected will run from outside 21 Stafford Road up the carriageway to an existing manhole outside no 41. This will mean that access for the school will be maintained and that the work will not extend down to the roundabout at the bottom of Stafford Road.

United Utilities are still waiting to hear the results of their tree pruning application - outlining lopping and pruning requirements in order for them to carry out the works. They will need to prune trees along the length of their works to a height of 7.0m to avoid damage from the large machinery that will be used. Mr George Finegan, from United Utilities, will be writing to the residents informing them of the intention to carry out the tree pruning, as the majority of the trees in Stafford Road are in private land. They will be looking to arrange an exhibition where residents can see pictures showing examples of the type of work to be carried out and proposal drawings for the scheme. The work will be carried out in an open excavation as, due to the ground conditions, they are unable to adopt a trenchless method of construction. This will cause quite a lot of disruption to residents while the excavation is outside of their property, but access will be maintained where possible. They are hoping to commence work before the end of April (provisional date for start on site is 23 April) but this is dependant upon permission for their opening notice application with Urbanvision.



Pot Holes - Bradford Road (08/12/2006)

As above the council have conducted a similar exercise and have found potholes on Bradford Road. However, "these aren't quite as deep and are on a 28 day response". - Updated (9/02/2007) -  After a meeting with Steven Lee, from Salford Council, Bradford road will continue to have emergency repairs to the surface until the construction has ceased and then a thorough survey will be performed to reassess the area with a view to resurface if necessary.


  • Visionary Proposal for Swinton Park (02/04/2007) - SOSCA have a proposal for what should be done with the land once occupied by Swinton Sewage Works.

  • Eccles LIFT (29/01/2007) - The Eccles Health and Social Care (LIFT) Centre is now beginning construction next to Eccles Libraty on Barton Lane. To allow residents, local businesses and NHS patients the opportunity to discover more about the development, a public information event is being held as follows:- DATE: MONDAY 19 FEBRUARY TIME: 1:00pm - 5:00pm VENUE: Eccles Library


  • Pot Holes - Victoria Road (08/12/2006) - It has come to the attention of the association that Salford City Council have identified "a number of actionable defects" on Victoria Road. Basically this means that they have found potholes and will be repairing them week commencing 11/12/2006



  • Cultural Awareness Event (24/03/2007) - This is just a note to invite you to the above event which will be held at Salford Academy, Northfleet Rd, Brookhouse on Saturday 24th March, from 1.30pm-3.30pm. Young people will be dancing, reading poetry and participating in a fashion show that will demonstrate and celebrate some of the cultural diversity that we have in the Eccles area. We are also hoping that there will be a number of stalls on the day that will be promoting either a cultural group or agencies that are working with all groups in the area. If you are unable to attend, please pass this onto other members of your group if they are interested. It would be fantastic to see this supported by as many people as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Regards Julie Neighbourhood Manager (Eccles) Salford City Council Community, Health and Social Care. 0161 603 4290


  • Picnic on the Green (24/03/2007) - Monton Village Community Association invites members to bring a picnic to the Green amid the Spring flowers and cherry blossoms from 3.30pm onwards on 31st March. The completed improvements to the Green can be viewed which include new pathways, re-shaped beds with decorative boulders, history boards and the re-furbished veteran’s shelter. The Mayor will unveil a plaque to commemorate the completion of this work which was funded by a grant from Open Spaces. The project was spearheaded and supervised by MVCA members Chris Whitefoot, Florence McCarthy and Stephen Savory.


March 2007

Cavendish Road Traffic Calming (11/01/2007)

  •  - Salford City Council are due to reinstate the speed humps on Cavendish Road from its junction with Monton Road to Ellesmere Road in the immediate future. There are also more plans to install speed humps on the section from Ellesmere Road to part of the length of Bradford Road, including Welbeck Road, but this work is subject to approval.



City of Salford Recycling Problems

(26/01/2007) - Update from Councillor Lea - "This message is to update you on the recent disruption to our kerbside recycling service. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are still experiencing difficulties, and our endeavours to ensure that the service would be running ‘as normal’ by the end of this week, have not been realised. I sincerely apologise for this disruption, but once again, can assure you that everything possible is being done to ensure this disruption is kept to a minimum, and also, that everybody receives their collection on the designated day, next week."

"This update has been relayed to our colleagues in the Contact Centre, and instructions given for it to be posted on Salford’s website, as soon as possible, to ensure as many people as possible, are made aware of the current situation. I thank you all once again, for your support at this time. "

"Regards, Councillor Mrs M Lea Lead Member, Environment "

(19/01/2007) - Salford City Council have announced that they are currently experiencing problems with recycling services -


Jan 2007

Application for closure of Ellesmere Road

 - Ref: H/ME/PD/STC/2294 A retrospective magistrates order will be applied for to close Ellesmere Road at its Eastern End. The area is currently occupied by a wall and a garden at the side of Earksley Lodge. This may set a precedent to allow anybody to build over a road without permission. Click here for details. They are applying under section 116 of the Highways Act 1980 which means it must be proved the road is unwanted and unneeded. The council use the word Unnecessary. Objections should be focused on points that substantiate the road is wanted and needed. The last date for objections is 17th August 2006 and the court date is 21st August 2006 at 9:45am. The court is open for anyone to attend. Please write to Melinda Edwards at Salford Council email melinda.edwards@salford.gov.uk if you wish to object.  

Aug 2006


A proposal for infill of the rear of this property and subsequent development of 3 substantial 3 bedroom bungalow including felling of mature trees. There is local opposition and EPRA have been asked to formally oppose the application. An email was sent in reference to this application on Dec 17th.

More details appear on Salford Council's website and the application ref is 05/51742/OUT. Any residents who are interested in opposing this application should write back to the council as soon as possible.

Dec 27 2005




 Former Swinton Sewage  Works

Independent Government Inspector agrees with the council that the policies MX3/4 and A9/5 should be deleted from the City Of Salford Unitary Development Plan (UDP) - but he has not recommended that the site should be allocated for recreation provision as some objectors suggested.

The full inspectors report is available on the City Of Salfords website - click here


Oct 01 2005

 Monton Sports Club

T-Mobile have applied for the erection of a mobile phone mast at Monton Sports Club.


Click here for more details

However T-Mobile will probably appeal so the fight is not yet over.


"Prior Notification for the installation of a 14.7m high monopole with three shrouded antennas together with radio equipment cabinet and ancillary development"

Click here to download the planning application.

Sep 28 2005

Stafford Road

Planning application for the 'Valley site' next to the Texaco Garage opposite the end of Stafford Road.

Jun 22 2005

Time Team

The Big Roman Dig (updated)

The dig went extremely well. We will be publishing details of the results here later.

For archive coverage click Here.

For Salford Advertiser's view click here.

For Salford City Council's view click here.

Aug 03 2005

Greenwood Update

37 Houses proposed by developers Miller Homes

Jun 02 2005


We have details of  proposed Homewatch areas within Ellesmere Park

Jun 02 2005

Cycle Route

Proposal is still ongoing. There is some funding available and the route would come across Quaker Bridge.

Apr 30 2005

Considerate Constructors 

We propose guidelines for builders and developers

Apr 30 2005

Ellesmere Park Festival

Festival of Arts, Drama and Creative Arts to be held by the local schools and Eccles College for two weeks in June. School Arts Festival

Both schools will be open throughout the festival to be held 15th To 29th June and activities are planned for throughout the school day. Details will be released soon

We are still looking for any local residents with artistic flare to work with the schools so if you are interested click the email link at the bottom of the page.

Apr 30 2005


The situation still not clear as to what action has been taken. Some knotweed has been cut down and we have been trying to establish whether it has been disposed of correctly.

Mar 06 2005


Chatsworth High & Oakwood Schools

The new schools opened on 5th.January, although the buildings were unfinished and the provision for car parking is proving insufficient. Open days are planned for shortly after Easter.

Feb 16 2005

Ellesmere Park Heritage Walk

14th April 2005 at 7PM

Mar 06 2005

Footpath and Kerb matters

Concern has been raised over the damage caused by contractors vehicles whilst working on new developments

Mar 06 2005

UDP Feedback

Joint presentation along with SOS to the inspector was a spectacular success

Feb 16 2005

Neighbourhood Watch

Reintroduction of schemes with help from local police

Feb 16 2005

 Evidence Required 

If you have ever walked your dog, flown a kite, jogged over the site of the former sewage treatment works and Campbell Wood then the SOS campaigners want to hear from you,

(12 May 2004)


A prohibition of driving is to be implemented on Westminster Road with effect from the 18th November 2003 for a period of ten weeks. The closure will be effective from the junction with Victoria Road for a distance of 150m and is required to facilitate repairs to a collapsed sewer. Alternative routes will be signed locally.

(22 Feb 2004)


Objections need to be in by Jan 6th 2004 to this 1.83 m high fence around the perimeter of the golf course


(Jan 03 2004)




(07 Dec 2003)


Here are the minutes of the recent meeting of Nov 26 2003 held at Monton Sports Club - Thanks to all who attended.


(11 Nov 2003)


Check out SOS web site 

(campaigning against the development of the former Swinton Sewage Works)

(11 Oct 2003)

Stafford House 

The House Was Demolished

(3 Oct 2003)

Eccles College 

This is due to the "temporary" access to the site via the bottom of Cavendish Road for builders vehicles. The association is in negotiations to ensure that the access is indeed temporary and we aim to ensure that any disruption to residents is minimized.

If you are experiencing any inconvenience then contact the association on the email address below.

(2 Oct 2003)

Greenwood School 

A meeting was called in response to a letter sent out to residents from City of Salford Development Services notifying of an application for planning permission to develop the Greenwood School site. 

Proposals are for at least 45 dwellings on the 1.5 hectare site. There is no mention of the dwellings only being built on the 'footprint' of the school - the whole site is to be utilized. (It appears that the area of the playing fields which falls immediately to the rear of Nos.66 to 72 Cavendish Road will in due course be incorporated into the Three Sisters site as proposed in the UDP.)

(July 29 2003)

Motor Bikes on the Linear Walkway 

People in the area are currently being plagued by the nuisance of off-road motor bikes riding the Linear Walkway and Quaker Field.

The police currently do not have enough resource to be able to tackle this menace so one of the residents has written to the council to demand for something to be done.

If you are experiencing the problem please write to the council and/or report it to the Eccles Police.

The more we complain the more likely they are to act.

Three Sisters Knotweed 

We have made some progress on a plan to clear the knotweed problem from THREE SISTERS and adjacent gardens.

As a first step we had a meeting on Thursday 17th July with officers from Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Ecology Unit.


(July 29 2003)

26 Ellesmere Road  

The planning panel met today and the proposal to demolish has been denied by 5 to 2 council votes. But this is not the end. The developers will probably put in a different scheme.

Thank you to all members (about 60) who came along to the planning panel site visit 13 March 2003 at 10AM. 


We must stress that this document has come from Salford City Council and does NOT represent the views of EPRA.

Have a look at the Salford's planning page and search for application 45299

(20 Mar 2003)

Maps added

An old map of Monton from 1848 has been obtained. Have a look at the photos link

(4 Mar 2003)

Swinton Sewage Works U.D.P. proposal

The latest U.D.P. has a proposal to build a link road across the green land (formally Swinton Sewage Treatment Works) at the North West end of Ellesmere Park. We all need to act NOW if you wish to prevent this green land being lost forever. Click here to view the U.D.P. map (after entering your postcode)

Press the StopPress link for more details

(17 Feb 2003)

Unitary Development Plan

Important details about the UDP - please read

(14 Feb 2003)

14 Victoria Road

The appeal is due to go to appeal - Watch this space

(14 Feb 2003) 

Newcroft School

Have a look on Salford's planning page and search for application 45180 

(14 Feb 2003)

Ellesmere House

Details of proposal to demolish 1 Sandwich Road 

(14 Feb 2003)

Eccles College

Permission granted

(24 Feb 2003)

Blue Murder

Filming of a Granada TV programme took place around Quaker Bridge on Ellesmere Road. See the Salford Advertiser link here

(10 Jan 2003)


I am currently engaged in taking pictures of the park as it is now for a forthcoming piece probably entitled Then and Now. If anybody would like to contribute old photographs of the park to the website then contact EPRA at the address below. In the meantime have a look at the reformatted PhotoGraphs pages to see what has been done so far.

(Feb 2003)

Salford Goes Green

Recycling Scheme 

(19 Nov 2002)

More links

Some more links have been added to the Internet Links pages

(19 Nov 2002)


Does anyone know of any architects living in Ellesmere Park who would be willing to give us the benefit of their advice from time to time? Please let us know at the email address at the foot of the page. 

(01 Nov 2002)

Local historians/archivists

We are also interested in anyone who would be prepared to spend a little time researching the local history in Ellesmere Park. Any volunteers? Again please let us know by emailing the address below. 

(01 Nov 2002)

Ellesmere Park Photos

Does anybody have any old photographs of Ellesmere Park that they would like to contribute to the Photos page? You know the drill - please reply to the email address below. 

(01 Nov 2002)

Jazz Night and Family Fun Day

The jazz evening and family fun day in June 2002 were well supported and enjoyed by those who went along. One of the requirements of the funding which we obtained was that the events should be non-profit making and net of the funding and the nominal ticket prices, we fulfilled that requirement, but only had to dip into the EPRA funds by £29.50!

If you enjoyed either event and have any thoughts on whether this should become an annual event perhaps, then please let us know. 

(Summer 2002)


We have had good feedback to the history of Ellesmere House (see link to History). This came from a larger document covering a some history of Ellesmere Park and it may be made available in its entirety soon. Watch this space.

(01 Nov 2002)

Social Day

Update 28 June 2002 

(30 May 2002)

Body found under concrete

11/15 Sandwich Road 

(30 May 2002)

1 Sandwich Road

Development update

(21 Apr 2002)

Home Watch Message

from the Police 

(25 Mar 2002)

Greenwood Action

Write to your MP now

(25 Mar 2002)

Quaker Bridge Initiative

Action on the bridge.

(23 Mar 2002)

Minutes of March 7 Meeting



(25 Mar 2002)

Greenwood School Site



(23 Mar 2002)

Eccles Town Centre

Grand Opening Saturday  

(24 Nov 2001)

Greenwood School Site

News from November 2001 regarding the Greenwood site 

(24 Nov 2001)

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