Ellesmere Park Residents Association


About EPRA

Ellesmere Park Residents Association

The Association was established in the mid 1960's by a number of residents whom thought that a group of individuals could keep the Park within the original guidelines laid down when the area was established. Over the years a vast number of applications for building etc. were studied for their merits or disadvantages to the local community.  After consultation with residents the applications were either approved, had minor changes to keep within the guidelines or fiercely resisted. One recent application which was resisted was the 3 Sisters site bordering Cavendish and Chatsworth Road. Developers had wanted to clear the site and build housing. Fortunately the Association was able to persuade Salford City Council planners that the site should be left as a nature reserve so that it could be retained for the pleasure of all people. 


Why Join?

Why, you might ask, should I bother joining the Residents' Association or, if you have paid your £5, continuing with this extravagance? A number of reasons. We can't run on air so some income is clearly necessary. But right now there are a number of new and pressing issues which we feel have relevance for all residents and which should be discussed as widely as possible. There has been a welcome influx of new people into the Park and so some readers may not even know that there is an easy way to spend £5 a year. But most importantly, by becoming a member you are put in touch with a network of neighbours who have early warning of planning applications and have access to Council officers. You will have access to a network of people who may just have the expertise which you are looking for as you try to understand the local scene.

Social Events

Finally, of course, we hope that our social events enhance your enjoyment of Ellesmere Park! Go on, give us that £5. You can even pay by Standing Order! See the contacts page for details on how to get in touch.  




Here is a picture taken in 2011 of the same entrance